An almost perfect podcast


For the August edition of Love this movie, hate this film, Colleen and I chose to dissect Cameron Crowe’s (arguably) best movie: Almost Famous, ’cause the line between cheese and cinematic glory is so, so very fine. Listen, and witness just how wrong Colleen can be. (Mwahaha…).

Love this movie, hate this film #4 (32.5 MB) Topic: Almost Famous

6 thoughts on “An almost perfect podcast

  1. OK, I haven’t listened to this yet, but Cameron Crowe’s best movie? Hello! Show Vanilla Sky some love much? Maybe some love to Jerry Maguire. Wait, scratch both those — Say Anything, anyone? Sheesh!

  2. I love all those movies, but if I had to choose a best film, it would be Almost Famous. Colleen isn’t sold on him, however, so we’ll probably do another podcast about all his movies.

  3. Omg. I’m afraid to listen to this. I don’t want to hear Colleen say negative things about Cameron Crowe. (Also, I’m pretty sure I’m the most Cameron Crowe-obsessed person you know, so I think I should be a guest commentator the next time you talk about his movies.:)

  4. Also, I think Say Anything and Almost Famous tie for his best movie. But if I had to choose one, it would be Almost Famous.

  5. Is it weird that I almost respond to you guys when I’m listening? I have so many opinions and thoughts to go along! And then when you couldn’t remember The Big Bopper’s name at first I totally said it outloud. To help you. On this recording.

  6. Excellent, thanks for the back-up, Shetu! lol Also, we WERE totally thinking of you when we were doing this. I think having you as a guest commentator so we can tag-team would be awesome, if not a bit unfair to Colleen. 🙂

    Btw, I love how I’ve confessed to being a Cameron Crowe fan, but just naming one of his many great films as the best put me on Sarah’s hit list. That’s hardcore, man.

    Aw, that’s cute, Amy. You should record yourself responding to it so I can hear your comments. Also, yeah, it’s a little weird – but in a good way.

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