Everyone’s doing it


Hey, want to listen to two friends debate (read: argue) the merits of two movies? Yes? Then I have good news! My friend Colleen and I have started a podcast. You can download our first episode here, or check out the “Podcast: Love this movie, hate this film” page where I’ll post them as they’re completed.

Love this movie, hate this film #1 (30 MB) Topic: Thelma and Louise vs. Mona Lisa Smile

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Constructive feedback only, please. It’s our first time!

4 thoughts on “Everyone’s doing it

  1. This was awesome! I am so happy for both you guys for doing this! I’ve been trying to do a podcast forever!

    I like the idea, and I like your conversation. You guys seemed a bit stiff at the start, but then forgot whatever made you nervous and fell into a great conversation!

    If you ever need a fill in, I would love to help out!

  2. So cool! You ladies are on the Internets! I have to dash, but I will listed to the second half when I get back! I am also up for guest hosting 😉

    I need to get blogging, clearly.

  3. I have already offered you my reaction before, but I’ll say it again – I love that you guys are doing this. You’re hilarious and have great rapport.

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