“Get your camera outta’ my face!”


Anytime I’ve tried to take photos of strangers, I haven’t just felt awkward, I actually harbored a serious fear that they would secretly curse me or, worse, yell at me for taking their picture without permission. Besides that, I always wonder if it’s okay to secretly snap someone’s picture without them knowing, even if it’s in a public place.

Well, dilemma solved! Glimpse has a little article that discusses just that problem, which I guess is more common that I thought. Although, the suggestion they’re offering, which is to start a conversation with your subject, is a little hard to take, especially if there’s a language barrier or, frankly, if you’re just shy. But the best advice is always easier said than done, I guess. Personally, though, I’d still rather be some kind of unseen ninja photographer…

2 thoughts on ““Get your camera outta’ my face!”

  1. In NA I’m not really afraid of taking pictures of people from far. Though if I want a nice pose or close up I guess I’d ask. In Cuba people demand money if you take pictures of them or their posessions (cars and such) so I’m aprehensive about taking photos there of anything but scenery. =(

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