Travelbots? Droid Guides? Virtu-Travel?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking a trip (it’s been a while), but I’m not sure where to go that would be within my budget and still be adventurous. This morning on my way to work, I was thinking how great it would be to pay Nature a visit. Grand vistas. Tall mountains. Majestic rivers. And then I remembered that it’s winter for everyone above Florida, and also how I hate camping and inclines and stuff.

So, wouldn’t it be lovely if I could experience the majesty of travelling through the Rockies via some kind of android surrogate? It would be exactly like being there — I could breathe in the cool, fresh air, and reach down and feel the shrubbery (shrubbery? I have no idea what the Rockies are like), without any of the hassle of actually going there.

That’s me in the middle.

Of course, this would require a very sophisticated android set-up, and some kind of sensory deprivation tank to sit inside… Plus, I guess the same could be accomplished by a VR simulation. Or a really good IMAX movie. And I know it wouldn’t be exactly the same as being there, but at the very least, it’d be a cool promotional tool for travel agents, no?

Maybe I’ll just file this away for a possible future short story.


“Get your camera outta’ my face!”


Anytime I’ve tried to take photos of strangers, I haven’t just felt awkward, I actually harbored a serious fear that they would secretly curse me or, worse, yell at me for taking their picture without permission. Besides that, I always wonder if it’s okay to secretly snap someone’s picture without them knowing, even if it’s in a public place.

Well, dilemma solved! Glimpse has a little article that discusses just that problem, which I guess is more common that I thought. Although, the suggestion they’re offering, which is to start a conversation with your subject, is a little hard to take, especially if there’s a language barrier or, frankly, if you’re just shy. But the best advice is always easier said than done, I guess. Personally, though, I’d still rather be some kind of unseen ninja photographer…