I think setting goals is good for your pores.


On the eve of my 25th birthday, I’d like to switch things up a bit. Just this once… I’d like to talk about me. (That was a joke.)

Last year around Labour Day, I shared my new year’s resolutions, so let’s recap:

  1. Get into grad school.
  2. Reach my goal weight.
  3. Publish my soon-to-be-written novel.
  4. Earn my French certificate from the UofT School of Continuing Studies.
  5. Save enough money to buy a car.

And now let’s see how I did:

  1. Yes! Although I ended up turning it down for a job that I love.
  2. No. But I have high hopes for this year!
  3. No. But I have lots of notes… lots and lots of notes…
  4. No. I’m two classes short because I just couldn’t keep up. I feel that I’d get further by actually living in a French-speaking locale; to be fair, the other people in my classes had all done so themselves, which accounted for their advanced language skills. (Excuses, excuses…)
  5. Yes and no. I did save a fair bit of money, but I’m not buying a car. Instead, I went on an awesome birthday trip and I’m moving out, finally – which, in hindsight, should really have been on my list in the first place.

I’m gonna’ go ahead and call it even. Maybe a ‘C+’? I don’t feel too bad about anything, though. On my rational level, I know it’s more important to keep trying to reach my goals than actually reaching them. On my many other levels, though, I’m really pumped to reach my new goals this year!

  1. Publish my soon-to-be-written novel.
  2. Reach my goal weight.

I could list a bunch of smaller things – like finally learning how to tread water – but these are the two big ones. Perhaps I’ll have better luck by keeping things simple(r).

It’s funny that two of the things that are keeping me from feeling old and unaccomplished as I approach the big 2-5 – namely, having a job in my field that I enjoy, and finally moving out – weren’t even on my 2009 list. I wonder what surprising things I’ll achieve by this time next year.

One thought on “I think setting goals is good for your pores.

  1. You go, roomie!

    Also, you may not have published a novel yet, but you are having your writing published in a book! I am so proud of you, Z. You just keep shooting for the moon.

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