A potpourri post for the New Year


“We fight terrorism not only by dropping bombs, but also by building schools.”

I just want to share this blog post on Sen. Clinton’s speech on development. I like the highlights of the speech that Kristof chooses, especially about emphasizing investment over aid.

Christmas post-mortem

I somehow didn’t find the time to share my thoughts on this before Christmas, but better late than never. Usually around that time of the year, I would gripe about how I don’t celebrate Christmas and how it gets shoved down my throat from every angle for weeks and weeks leading up to Dec. 25. This year, however, what really bothered me was the griping coming from everyone else about the PCness of the expression “happy holidays.”

This is the wrong way to think about using the expression “happy holidays”: It’s a politically-correct euphemism for “Merry Christmas” that we’re forced to say regardless of the context because we have to be sensitive to those who don’t celebrate the birth of Santa Jesus.

And here is the good way of thinking about using the expression “happy holidays”: In corporate or just generally broad settings, saying “happy holidays” means that you understand that there are other holidays being celebrated at this time of the year other than Christmas. In every other case, just say “Merry Christmas” if that’s what you really mean.

The best photos in the universe

I shared this on Facebook as soon as I saw it because it just has to be shared. I almost couldn’t decide which one would be my new desktop wallpaper – #3 Eternally Stargazing won, eventually.

H&M Gets Trashed

Let’s all thank Twitter for alerting me to this story. Apparently, people are very upset that H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and throw out unsold clothing (both chains deny that this is their policy and have said they’re going to investigate why this was happening in their NYC stores). I love hearing stories like this because bad deeds deserve bad press, and bad press (hopefully) leads to reparations.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… how environmentally responsible am I?

I love and want this ridiculous mirror. Guilt is the best motivator.

Because I also love bargains

I’m going to post this one on my bulletin board. Full price is for suckers.

Everyone’s a critic around awards season

Instead of sharing my own bloated predications, consider these lists as my own. (When it’s time for the Oscar Poll, EW writes my ballot after all.)

Even so, I will share my five best favourite movies for the year. (And I’ve seen A LOT of movies this year, so I actually feel informed enough to choose favourites, for once.)

1. Up in the Air
2. The Hurt Locker
3. Star Trek
4. Up
5. Moon

Okay, well, I haven’t seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I think if I had, it’d probably make my list, but here it is anyway.

Oh, and my New Year’s resolution is just to follow through on the goals I set out for myself on Labour Day. Just so you’re up-to-date.

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