Becoming a Woman of Leisure


You know how sometimes on T.V. and in movies, people who are recently unemployed mope around aimlessly and watch bad daytime television ad¬†nauseam? I don’t have that problem. I think I could find useful things to do to fill a thousand unemployed days. Of course, I consider watching the entire first season of Dollhouse “useful.”

If money wasn’t an issue – and if I didn’t care about aspiring to anything higher – I’m sure I could be quite happy nurturing any number of random hobbies. French classes, writing, learning piano… On that note, I tried to use my lame Wal-Mart telescope at the cottage a couple weekends ago and I was sorely disappointed with its performance. Add that to my recent trip to Montreal, where we went to the planetarium, and now I want to be a hobby astronomer. Once I get a job (it’s a vicious cycle) I want to buy this:


Meade DS-2130LNT Reflector Telescope with LNT AutoAlign Technology

Meade DS-2130LNT Reflector Telescope with LNT AutoAlign Technology

I suppose the grand irony is that all these things cost money. It’s too bad I have to do anything. At least I can be a woman of leisure while I consider my grand life plan and try to make things happen. (What things? Not sure yet.)