My New Year’s Resolutions


Maybe it’s because I’ve been a student pretty much all my life, but Labour Day just feels more like the beginning of the new year to me than Jan. 1. Besides buying a new agenda recently, I also put a post-it on my laptop with my 5 goals for the year without realizing they were, essentially, my new year’s resolutions. And at the risk of making everyone feel like summer is nearly over, here are my goals for the 09-10 year:

1. Get into grad school.
2. Reach my goal weight.
3. Publish my soon-to-be-written novel.
4. Earn my French certificate from the UofT School of Continuing Studies.
5. Save enough money to buy a car.

I admit, I hesitated before publicizing these here. It’s always slightly embarrassing for me to admit certain things, like wanting to write a novel or lose weight. Frankly, I feel a bit silly. But I ultimately decided that would be cowardly. Besides, the pressure that comes with going public might be good for me. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, I’ll eventually post my Bucket List on here, too… Maybe.